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What we do!

As a content creation company situated in Victoria, BC, we thrive on collaborating with you to produce captivating video components tailored to your business, music, artwork, or festival, all while respecting your budget. Understanding that the realm of videography may be unfamiliar to some, there's no need for you to have a precise vision when you reach out to us. We specialize in assisting you in developing your concept and devising the strategy to bring it to life!

Our studio is strategically located in the heart of picturesque Victoria on Vancouver Island!

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Festivals and Events

We create custom packages and pricing for festivals and events that can include videos, photos, social media content and drone footage. There is no festival too large or event too small, we work with your team to help show the heart and soul behind what you do.

Music Videos

Before visual arts, our main squeeze was music, and we love fusing the two together. As musicians and storytellers ourselves, we are able to work with artists to find the visual story to match their music and style.

We've collaborated with tons of Canadian artists to come up with compelling stories for their songs and we help artists with social media content during filming and 'sneak peak' clips of their video for the premiere of the production.

We love out of the box ideas and ambitious goals for promoting, so get in touch with us today to start planning your next music video!


We love working with small businesses and artists to create unique content that is really authentic to their passion and goals. Whether it's for social media platforms, websites, or company content, we design stylish, affordable commercial spots for what you want to promote.

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